• Cooks Club Vintage Cowbucks Coffee Cookie Jar


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    This is a great vintage ceramic cow cookie jar by Cooks Club. The cookie jar has two cows that form the lid of the jar reflecting their choices of coffee.  There's the laid-back, placid-looking cow sitting on top the De-Calf sign and coffee pot, while the wild-eyed, manic one is on top of the Calf sign and the Cowbucks Coffee sack.  One side has a menu which includes your choice of Calf, De Calf, Moo Juice, Cappuccino.  The other side has a calf mug.  This would be a fun addition to anyone who enjoys cow collectables.

    Cookie jar is approximately 12" tall, 8" wide and 6" deep.

    Lid on it's own is approximately 4 1/2" tall.

    Opening is approximately 6 1/2" x 3".